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  • What is satin weave?

    Similar to sateen weave, satin weave uses silk, nylon or polyester and the surface is made up of horizontal threads.

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  • What is Supima cotton?

    Supima cotton is an abbreviation of Superior US Pima cotton and is an extra-long cotton which is strong and grown in the sunniest parts of the USA.

  • What is plain weave?

    This is the simplest type of weave and involves the vertical and horizontal threads being overlapped in a basic crisscross pattern.

  • What is linen?

    Linen is one of the best materials to sleep in as it is comfortable and breathable. This material is made from flax plants and is a great conductor of heat.

  • Does bed linen shrink when it is washed?

    When a cotton product is washed for the first time it can shrink by up to 10% and may shrink slightly during future washes. On the other hand, cotton percale products will only shrink by around 5%

  • What is a bed skirt?

    Also called a valance, this is a decorative piece of fabric which is draped over the box spring of a bed and held in pace by the mattress.