Questions related to Automotive Tires

  • Who makes the best truck tires in the USA?

    There are a number of great tire manufacturers in the USA. Popular brands include Goodyear and BFGoodrich.

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  • What are snow tires?

    As their name suggests, snow tires are better suited to icy conditions. This is because the tires stay soft during low temperatures, allowing for a solid grip on icy roads.

  • Can under inflated tires affect gas mileage?

    Yes. If your tires are not properly inflated, they do not roll as easily. This means that the engine has to work harder and thus consume more fuel.

  • If I only need a pair of replacement tires, where should I put them?

    If you are only replacing two tires, you should have them fitted at the rear of the vehicle.

  • What are low profile tires?

    These are tires which are designed for optimum performance and handling as they feature wide tread and short sidewalls.

  • What are all-season tires?

    As their name suggests, these tires are designed for use throughout the year. These are the standard tires on most vehicles.

  • What are mud tires?

    These are tires which are optimized for off-road driving as they feature reinforced sidewalls and open-tread patterns.

  • What are the advantages of studded winter tires?

    The steel studs in this type of winter tire allow for better driving on icy roads. They also offer superior traction on hard-packed ice and mud in extreme climates.

  • Are used tires safe?

    In most cases, secondhand tires are a cheap and safe alternative to new tires. However, you should take extra care when inspecting used or partly used tires. Look out for lumps and cuts.