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  • What is the difference between a regular cellphone and a smartphone?

    While both devices can be used for sending messages and making and receiving calls, a smartphone can do significantly more than a regular cellphone. Indeed, a smartphone runs on an operating system which means that it can perform additional tasks such as

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  • What sorts of toys are best for infants?

    Rattles are great toys for infants as they are easy to pick up and the noise will keep them fascinated. Stuffed animals are always popular with infants too as they are easy to hold and have a variety of different textures and colors.

  • What sorts of toys are best for toddlers less than 18 months?

    Great toys for young toddlers include moving and sorting toys such as playing blocks and push-pull toys.

  • What toys are recommended for toddlers between 2 and 3 years?

    There are hundreds of great toys for toddlers this age. Some of the most popular include puzzles with large pieces, talking dolls and toy vehicles.

  • What gifts are suitable for a baby’s first birthday?

    Buying a gift for a baby’s first birthday is always exciting. Great gift ideas include soft toys, new clothes and drinking cups.

  • What is a baby bouncer?

    A baby bouncer is a suspended harness which is designed to be a fun way for babies to exercise their legs.

  • What shape tent is best for a family camping trip?

    Tunnel or dome tents are the best as they offer more space and have separate sleeping compartments.