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  • What are vitro grills?

    This is a style of grill where the flames are behind ceramic glass which allows the grill to heat up evenly.

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  • What is a range cooker?

    As its name suggests, a range cooker is a cooker that offers a range of cooking options. Typically, a range cooker will include six burners, two ovens, at least one grill and a warming draw.

  • What is a flame supervision device?

    Often abbreviated as FSDs, flame supervision devices are devices which stop gas hobs from releasing gas if the flame goes out or fails to ignite.

  • What is a griddle?

    A griddle is a heavy iron plate that is heated in order to cook food.

  • What is a chafer?

    Also called a chafing dish, this is a device used at banquets to keep food warm.

  • What is a broiler?

    A broiler is a North American word for with an element in an oven or a standalone device that cooks meat using intense direct heat.